Health & Safety

Management of Equity is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees through the implementation of a comprehensive health and safety program that meets the requirements of WorkSafe BC.

It is our policy to provide first quality service to clients while taking all necessary steps to prevent injury to our employee's, employees of other companies, the customer, the public and to prevent damage to all property within the influence of the job at hand.

To achieve this objective we will comply with all applicable regulations. We cannot meet this attainable goal without full cooperation from all personnel; therefore, cooperation is required from all site and office personnel in the compliance with all rules and regulations governing safe operating procedures for the prevention of injury, disease, and property damage. Personal safety and health of employees is of vital importance to the company and disciplinary action will be taken for safety infractions.

Our health and safety program is designed in the best interests of all personnel, subcontractors, visitors, and customers. We believe that health and safety are equally as important as production and, accordingly, insist on a dedicated participation in the program requirements.


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